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Eves Tattoo Studio is in Hove, Brighton, Sussex.

Eves Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio is situated in Hove,Brighton, Sussex.

The address is -
Usual Suspects Hair Salon
26 Church Road
East Sussex

The studios telephone number is 0774 616 5233, email is velvettattoos@gmail.com

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My studio is actually inside Usual Suspects Hair Salon, this is in Church Road, Hove. So if you are searching for a tattooist in Brighton or a tattooist in Hove check us out.All kinds of body piercing carried out including dermal piercing.

Eve Tattooist, Hove, Brighton East Suusex.

I place great emphasis on customer care and safety and am Registered with Wycombe Environmental Health Department.
All tattoos and piercings are carried out under strict hygienic and sterile conditions. I use all the latest and approved autoclave sterilization techniques.
Sterile needles are used only once and are disposed of clinically, witnessed by the client.

Remember that a tattoo will be with you for life so take your time choosing. You are welcome at anytime to view our design collection and browse to your hearts content.
I have a substantial selection of tattoo flash created by top class artists, so there is bound to something to suit you, that you will be proud to wear and will create a lasting impression on all who see it.
If there is nothing amongst our flash displays that you like I can design custom images from your own ideas and preferences.
My staff will gladly provide help and assistance with any queries you may have regarding any aspect of the tattooing or body piercing procedures.

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