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Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos - Bold and Beautiful

They make a powerful statement and are instantly recognizable by their patterns of brash, bold, pure, unadulterated , right in your face, BLACK.

Among all the styles and types of design, they are the most fascinating and popular. They are one of the most viewed tattoo designs on the web or in the flash collection of any studio today. It is an image understood the world over.

People offer different reasons for getting a tribal tattoo and although the designs are inexplicable and no longer have any intrinsic meaning in today’s world, they may be described with these words-
“Strong, powerful and moving; they create incredible feelings and emotional excitement resonating deep within our very being. They connect us to ancient beliefs and to things of mystery and wonder.”

Usually summed up by “Oh, I like that".

Tribal Tattoos - Full Back

What do I mean by Tribal Tattoos?

They do not represent or symbolise animals or recognizable objects.

They are abstract in style with swinging arcs and curves and can be quite dramatic and dominant representing power and strength or soft and flowing representing peace and tranquillity.

In fact they are just long pointy things with twirly, twisty bits, according to my granddaughter.

Many individuals believe that tribal is not real unless it is solid black, and most traditional designs are, but more recently we have been seeing shapes with colour incorporated into the design.This can be a vibrant colour outline with a black infill or vice versa.

Tribal Tattoos - Flash with Red Outline

Tribal Tattoos

The width or colour of the outline or infill is completely your decision.
I am sure any artist would be happy to discuss the various options you have regarding any of the designs available in their studio flash.

Alternatively you may wish to search online.
I have found that there is a much wider selection of styles and designs to be found there.

Tribal Tattoos

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